Sell Gold & Silver With

We know that it has probably been not an easy decision to sell your gold or silver. We have heard so many stories about selling that we could write a book about it. Some people decided to sell their precious metals based solely on fundamentals, thus the price. If you got into gold, maybe two or three years ago, selling for a nice profit may be the idea behind your decision. Some people may also sell because they retire and simply want to cash out and others may sell to pay for something. And of course, there is the situation that gold and silver was inherited and the proceeds have to be distributed fairly between family members.

JustStruck is for sure a great place to sell gold and silver. We pay very high prices and we offer a fast, easy and pleasant selling transaction. We buy coins, medals, and bars made of gold, silver, platinum or palladium.

How much we pay if you decided to sell gold or silver with us?

We have a very transparent and easy to understand buying policy. If you sell gold or silver without numismatic value, we pay 95% of the current price for your items if they are in very good condition. We will pay 90% of the current price for your items in any other condition (from average to poor).

Can you sell scrap gold or scrap silver?

No, we do NOT buy any scrap gold or scrap silver. We do have a great partnership with an online gold buyer we trust since 2017. They are completely on the same page with us when it comes to fairly treat a customer. They do pay extremely high prices and they are 100% trustworthy. They also melt down precious metals and earned our trust by paying industry leading prices for coins or bars we frequently sell to them. If you plan to sell gold jewelry, dental gold, diamond jewelry, expensive watches or fine jewelry, they are the best place to sell.

This is where you sell:

We picked as our partner for scrap gold as they are trustworthy and honest. Our coin appraiser tested reDollar three times and they never took advantage of the precious metals submitted.

When it comes to selling scrap gold and scrap silver, reDollar is definitely the best place to sell. They paid us between 89% and 91% of the current gold price for the items submitted.

Sell coins with numismatic value to us!

We of course buy any coin with numismatic value. We pay up to 80% of book value depending on the coin. It really depends. American silver coins such as Morgan Dollar Coins or Silver Eagle coins are in high demand and easier to sell for us. Thus we are going very close to book value with our offer. European coins such as a German 20 Mark Gold Coin or a British Sovereign Gold Coin are less hot items and we may offer a bit less for coins like that. Please always ask our Trading-Room for a price quote. You will be very surprised how much we pay. We outcompete every pawn shop or gold buying operation. You will see.

How does it work to sell with us?

We have a very easy selling process. First and most important for you: we are fast. No, we are VERY fast. Everything works online and can be conveniently done from Anchorage to New York or even from San Juan. You will ship your items to our trading-office in Colorado, fully insured with proof of insurance. We process every incoming package on the same day: your offer and your payment. It has never been easier to sell gold or silver. Read our reviews and take a look at our store reputation. We don’t have any negative feedback – none, not one. We work very hard and we are going to provide you an offer before you ship your items to us. There will not be any uncertainty for you during the whole process.

The Process

  1. Contact us to get an idea how much we pay for your items. Shop around and compare to understand how competitive our offer is. We truly make the best deals for your gold or silver.
  2. If you agree to our pre-calculated offer, we provide you a fully insured UPS shipping label to have your items mailed in to our office. We run every incoming package through a baggage X-Ray machine before it will be opened to collect records about your items. One of our coin appraisers will carefully open your package creating a list of items delivered.
  3. The list of your items delivered will be forwarded to our trading-department which will than finally confirm your purchase price.
  4. If you agree to settle for the amount presented, we are almost done. Simply tell us how we are allowed to have you paid and we finish up your transaction. If you opt for a wire transfer and if your agreement to settle for the amount presented before 3pm Mountain Time, you transfer will be scheduled on the same day.

What kind of gold and silver items can you sell?

  • We pretty much buy any coin, medal, bar or round made of gold, silver platinum or palladium. You can sell Morgan Dollar Coins, Peace Dollar Coins, 90% silver coins, 40% silver coins, American Silver Eagle Coins, any bullion coins such as Krugerrand coins or Vienna Philharmonic coins. We buy any international coins from Swiss Francs gold coins over Australian Kangaroo coins or China Panda coins. There is literally no coin we cannot buy.

Sell gold and silver coin collections to us!

  • Yes, we have the financial ability to easily buy big collections worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. In certain circumstances, we can send-out a coin appraiser to visit you, to go through your collection on site. We are happy to meet together with your lawyer or liquidator if needed or we can also meet in a vault. JustStruck is known to work with law firms, liquidators and auction companies from all over the US. We work together with America’s most reputable coin grading companies, NGC and PCGS to ensure that your coins receive an industry leading grading service if requested.

Grade & Sell After Grading

  • We have a program called “Grade & Sell” – giving you the opportunity to have your coins graded trough us before we agree on a purchase price. We do NOT charge you any fees if you sell with us. Not for grading, not for insurance, and not for shipping. Why do we do that? For highly valuable coins, the grading can be a game changer. It may result in paying you a higher price but having a coin graded means less risk for us. It’s a win-win situation and our “Grade & Sell Program” became very popular as it guarantees the highest possible price to be paid to our customers. It’s so easy to sell gold and silver with JustStruck.