American Silver Eagle Coin

American Silver Eagle Coinage was first released on November 24, 1986, as a legal tender offering to supplement the rapidly declining gold market. Since its release, it has consistently topped all other coins in sales, monetary value, and popularity in the numismatic community. Currently, the American Silver Eagle has become the most popular coin in the world. Throughout history, this coin has had many different designs. The coin was first struck in the one Troy ounce silver coinage, which has a nominal face value of one dollar. Before the American Silver Eagle release, no other silver coinage was ever issued in the United States by any government mint. The coin was immediately successful and is still one of the most popular coins in the world. The American Silver Eagle Coin is a popular bullion item for collectors. The West Point Mint is one mint that produces it. The coin is considered a valuable asset as it can quickly increase in worth if managed. The coin may lose value if mishandled or not stored properly.

Coin Specifications

Denomination: $1.00 (one US dollar)
Weight: 31.1g = 1 troy ounce
Diameter: 1.598 inch
Purity: 99.9% silver
Coin Design: Walking Liberty
Minted: throughout since 1986
Designer: Adolph Weinman
Versions: circulated, uncirculated, proof

Circulated, Uncirculated & Proof American Silver Eagle Coins

American Silver Eagle coins are available in uncirculated, certified, and proof forms. American Eagle bullion coins are an excellent investment because they do not have to be purchased from a bank. They are easily obtained from online dealers, coin shows, or direct from the U.S. Mint. Purchasing from a certified dealer will ensure that you receive one of the best coin experiences possible and purchase American Silver Eagle bullion and coins without worrying about the quality.

The coin act passed in 1986 permitted the minting of a unique coin for collectors. Collectors can purchase American Silver Eagles from any one of the four mints authorized to do so. Their different mintage numbers distinguish them. The San Francisco Mint was selected due to its ability to sustain the production standards necessary for the American Silver Eagle to retain its place among the most popular coins in the world. The popularity can be attributed to the point the minting facility continued processing silver proofs into the Silver Eagle without creating a shortage in the marketplace.

The First Released American Silver Eagle

The first released Silver Eagle Coin was the twenty-second in the series. It comprised one thousand and eleven thousand one-ounce legal tender coins that the West Point Mint struck. The legal tender issue contained one hundred and twenty-two silver proof marks. There was no silver overlay, as is common with the U.S. Minted silver dollar. The first Silver Eagles that were produced in this manner were only available to collectors. They became popular among those who collect coins from all over the world.

The silver eagle bullion coin minted by the West Point Mint is considered legal tender. On the legal tender market, a note is a legal claim to debt and the right to redeem it by paying a specific amount of money. In the case of the silver eagles, the note was that the United States government had an interest in raising the purchasing power of its currency. Various efforts to do this, such as the gold standard and the legal tender program, were abandoned in favor of the coin minting program.

Value Of American Silver Eagle Coins

Today, the value of the silver eagle coin is higher than ever because of its strong economy and worldwide demand for it. Many investors like these highly collectible silver coins for their investments because of the constant rising value of the precious metal. The value for both the rare and the uncirculated coins is increasing steadily. Silver Eagles have been going up in value since they were first released. Demand always increases when an old coin rises in value. It makes perfect sense then that the demand will also increase when a new coin is introduced.
Silver Eagle coin collectors are sure to want to add any of these popular issues to their precious metals portfolio. If you plan to start a collection of these types of coins, you need to understand the entire process during the coin minting process. First, coin minting begins when a specific order is placed and fulfilled. Next, the order is processed by a team of workers assigned to the minting process.

Silver Eagles are commonly sold by the collectors that hold them. Many people prefer to buy them from a professional dealer instead. Several different types of dealers specialize in Silver Eagles. Many of these companies specialize in providing coins for the various historical periods in our country. For example, a company that specializes in celebrating the fortieth anniversary of the American Civil War could sell a commemorative coin for that time.